Economic Transformation Papers

Policy Paper: Agricultural transformation


New pathways out of poverty for Africa: Equitable and sustainable structural economic transformation by Christian Aid
Discussion Paper: Structural economic transformation


Discussion paper: Decent Green Jobs


Background Papers

  1. The Contributions of Agriculture to Economic Transformation: The Case of Tanzania by Andrew Coulson
  2. Reducing poverty through sustainable and equitable economic transformation: what can aid and government programmes contribute? – Rwanda Case Study by Claire Kumar
  3. Reducing poverty through sustainable and equitable economic transformation: A Brief Review of the Programmes of the World Bank, USAID and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs by Joanna Penrose Buckley
  4. Full Background Literature Review: New Pathways for Agricultural Transformation in Africa by Kato Lambrechts and Anna Lau

Addis Ababa Round Table Papers (10 – 11 March 2016)

Below, you can find all the documents from the round table discussion including various background documents, full notes and presentations from some of the speakers.
  1. Background Reading
  2. Roundtable Full Notes
  3. Africa’s Vision for Structural Transformation by Dereje Alemayehu
  4. Agriculture Transformation: Tackling Poverty, Inequality and Environmental Degradation by Geoffrey Chongo
  5. The Developmental State in SADC: Claiming the Policy Space for Development by Godfrey Kanyenze
  6. Can Renewable and Decentralized Energy Fuel Economic Transformation? by Robert Muthami
  7. Structural Transformation and Income Inequality by Sylvester Bagooro
  8. Economic Transformation and Inequality of Access to Land by Walter Chambati